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It took 30 years but I developed the best Real Estate Marketing Plan Ever!

There’s a reason they call me…….    “THE GRUMPY OLD BROKER!”

(I’ve been designing the Best Real Estate Marketing Plan for many years?  I finally got it!

Every Real Estate Agent and Broker tries to obtain the same business as EVERY OTHER AGENT- its HARD!


·      I can’t forecast my income…

·      I have to compete against my fellow agents for business…

·      I don’t have time or money to pay for marketing…

You Must be Marketing every day, all day to keep the funnel full.

But……if you had a Marketing Plan that you can rely upon to reap consistent business, you can plan your business and your life!  I think I found the secret to Real Estate Agent Marketing:  Simple, Easy to Implement, ability to Forecast, able to Develop a Business Model.


10 in 4 Real Estate Marketing Plan!

I’m taking on 5 new agents to teach and implement this Marketing Program.  Named:  10 in 4…..the plan reaps out 10 commission transactions within 4 months.  Then……you duplicate the same plan for another 4 months of commissions, and so on…….


If you are interested hearing more about the most innovative Real Estate Marketing Plan to hit the industry.

John P. Conlon, J.D., Broker

West Coast Realty


email:  grumpyoldbroker@gmail.com

BRE #00551441


This advertising is intended for real estate professionals.  If you receive this ad and you are not a licensed real estate professional, please disregard.

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